Breaking the Code – Auditions

In the leafy surroundings of Bletchley Park at the height of the Second World War, a brilliant young mathematician called Alan Turing was working away at a problem. The creation of a machine. A machine that would crack the German Enigma code and win Britain the war. In the aftermath of victory, Turing arrived in Manchester with an even bigger task in mind – the development of the modern computer. It would be a task he left unfinished, humiliated and destroyed by the revelation of his sexuality and prosecution for indecency.

Hugh Whitemore’s classic play intertwines an account of Turing’s most heroic hour with the story of his betrayal and neglect by the nation he had helped in its darkest hour.

PLAY DATES – 16th – 21st March 2020


ALAN TURING – stage age 39. A massive part and the driving force of the play. Has a slight stutter and is introverted although confident

MICK ROSS – Detective Sergeant.  Stage age 40-60 first to meet Turing and develops a liking although still business-like

CHRISTOPHER MORCOM -Stage age 17 School friend of Turing

NIKOS [Greek boy] – Stage age 20 Can be played by same actor

SARA TURING – [Turing’s Mother] Stage age Late 50’s -60’s typical mid-class accent and costume of early 50’s.

DILLWYN KNOX – Stage age 60’s-70 a professor; typical Don [Eton & King’s] GCHQ – has gravitas

RON MILLER – Stage age 20’s Rough around the edges.

PAT GREEN – Stage age – 30’s Colleague of Knox and befriends Turing – falls in love with him

JOHN SMITH – Stage age – 40’s-50’s Security Services – secretive

For further information please contact Ken Redfern (Director) on 07775 614614 or email