Auditions for the comedy drama “The Cemetery Club”

Auditions for the comedy drama

The Cemetery Club

by Ivan Menchell

Directed by Harry Lee

Mobile 07956 560 597

Audition Date: Friday 12th August 2022 at 7:30pm at the theatre

Play Dates: –

Monday 10th October to Saturday 15th October

NO matinee

Rehearsals: Monday, Wednesday & Friday

4 Female parts

1 Male part

(One female only has a few pages.)

All in their late 50s early 60s.

American/Jewish but we are not looking for heavy accents.

The play starts on the 4th anniversary of the burial of Abe, Doris’s husband.

Three widows, long-time friends, meet once a month for tea, then visit their husbands’ graves. There’s sweet Ida, happy in her memories of Murry and in no hurry to “move on”; flirtatious party girl Lucille, who’s finally getting payback against her unfaithful Harry; and Doris, whose devotion to Abe, even in death, seems borderline unhealthy.

Things are going along swimmingly until the arrival of Sam, a shy butcher whose deceased wife is buried in the same cemetery as their husbands. Sam is immediately pounced on by a purring Lucille, but it’s Ida that Sam has doe-eyes for. The budding romance threatens to destroy the women’s friendship, first because Lucille wants Sam for herself (although she gives up pretty easily), later because Lucille and Doris make a horribly misguided attempt to save Ida from potential heartbreak.

The play is full of “moments” both funny and poignant.

Please contact Harry if you require any further details to consider auditioning.