A Different Way Home: Auditions

Monday March 30th Theatre Foyer:

“A Different Way Home” by Jimmy Chin.

Director: Mike Brown

Performance dates: Monday 22nd -Saturday 27th June 2020

Rehearsals start week commencing 11th May 2020


Leslie- Male , middle-aged to older.

Maureen- Female, middle-aged to older

Set in the front room of a small house of a Northern town, period 1980’s

Act 1 is a 20 page monologue by Leslie relating his personal story

Act 2 is a 13 page monologue in which Maureen tells her tale

A Different Way Home is full of humour , pathos and dry observation, and represents not only a considerable challenge , but also a rare opportunity for two older actors.

If you require further information, or are interested but cannot make the audition , please contact Mike Brown on 01457 865278 or email mandpbrown@protonmail.com