Full length plays T – Z

Taming Of The Shrew, The – William Shakespeare 14 copies

Taste Of Honey, A –  Shelagh Delaney  (M3 F2)  7 copies  (Samuel French)

Theft Eric Chappell (M3 F2)  5 copies  (Samuel French)

Time And The Conways – J B Priestley  (M4 F6)  4 copies  (Samuel French)

Tomb With A View – Norman Robbins  (M5 F5) 12 copies  (Samuel French)

Touch And Go – Derek Benfield  (M2 F3)  6 copies  (Samuel French)

Trap For A Lonely Man – Robert Thomas  (M4 F2)  6 copies

Trivial Pursuits – Frank Vickery  (M 4 F6)  3 copies (Samuel French)

Two and Two Make Sex – Harris and Darbon  (M3 F3)  7 copies  (Samuel French)

Unoriginal Sin – David Tristram  (M4 F2)                (Samuel French)

Up ‘n’ Under – John Godber  (M6 F1)  5 copies  (Samuel French)

Veronica’s Room – Ira Levin  (M2 F2)  7 copies (Samuel French)

Wait Until Dark – Frederick Knott  (M6 F2)  5 copies  (Samuel French)

Watch It Sailor – King & Cary  (M4 F5)  8 copies

Weir, The – Conor McPherson  (M4 F1)  5 copies  (Nick Hern Books)

We’ll Always Have Paris (+ music)  – Jill Hyem  (M1 F4)

When We Are Married – J B Priestley (M8 F7)  3 copies  (Samuel French)

Who Dies Wins – Seymour Matthews  (M6 F3)  (Samuel French)

Who Killed Santa Claus – Terence Feely  (M6 F2)  9 copies  (Samuel French)

Who Saw Him Die – Tudor Gates  (M5 F1)  6 copies (Samuel French)

Whole Truth, The – Philip Mackie  (M5 F3)  6 copies

Whose Life Is It Anyway? – Brian Clark  (M9 F3)  7 copies  (Samuel French)

Wife Begins At Forty – Ray Cooney  (M4 F2)  (Samuel French)

Will You Still Love Me In The Morning?  – Clemens & Spooner (M45 F3) 6 copies (Samuel French)

Wind In The Sassafras Trees, The – Galton & Simpson (M6 F3) 16 copies

Woman In Mind – Alan Ayckbourn (M5 F3) 9 copies (Samuel French)