Full length plays N – S

Nerd, The – Larry Shue (M5 F2) 5 copies

Neville’s Island – Tim Firth (M4) 4 copies (Samuel French)

Night Must Fall – Emlyn Williams (M4 F5) 10 copies (Samuel French)

No Sex Please, We’re British – Marriott & Foot (M6 F4) 10 copies (Samuel French)

None So Blind – Armitage Owen (M4 F6) 7 copies

Not In The Book – Arthur Watkyn (M7 F1) 12 copies

Nude With Violin – Noel Coward (M8 F6) 7 copies (Samuel French)

Odd Couple, The (female version) – Neil Simon (M2 F6) 8 copies (Samuel French)

Odd Couple, The (male version) – Neil Simon (M6 F2) 8 copies (Samuel French)

One For The Road – Willy Russell (M2 F2) 4 copies (Samuel French)

One O’clock From The House Frank Vickery (M6 F8) 11 copies (Samuel French)

One Way Pendulum – N F Simpson (M10 F4) 9 copies (Samuel French)

Out Of Order – Ray Cooney (M6 F4) 9 copies (Samuel French)

Outside Edge – Richard Harris (M5 F4) 11 copies (Samuel French)

Pack Of Lies – Hugh Whitemore (M3 F5) 9 copies (Samuel French)

Paper Chain – Cary & Butler (M3 F6) 8 copies

Perfect Pitch – John Godber (M2 F2) 4 copies (Samuel French)

Phantom Tollbooth, The – Susan Nanus (19 children) 8 copies (Samuel French)

Pools Paradise – Philip King (M4 F3) 7 copies

Princess And The Swineherd, The -Nicholas Gray (M4 F6 – children) 3 copies

Quartermaine’s Terms – Simon Gray (M5 F2) 6 copies (Samuel French)

Railway Children, The – Nesbitt & Simpson(M10 F8) 16 copies (Samuel French)

Rainmaker – Richard N Nash (M6 F1) 10 copies

Real Inspector Hound, The – Tom Stoppard (M5 F3) 11 copies (Samuel French)

Relatively Speaking – Alan Ayckbourn (M2 F2) 8 copies (Samuel French)

Richard The Third – William Shakespeare 1 copy

Rock-a-Bye Sailor – King & Cary (M4 f5) 8 copies

Rosmersholm – Henrik Ibsen (M4 F2) 10 copies

Run For Your Wife Ray Cooney (M6 F2) 10 copies

Say Goodnight to Grandma – Colin Welland (M6 F3) 6 copies

Say Who You Are – Waterhouse & Hall (M2 F2) 2 copies (Samuel French)

Second From Last In The Sack Race – Michael Birch (M3 F2) 6 copies (Samuel French)

See How They Run – Philip King (M6 F3) 2 copies (Samuel French)

Servant Of Two Masters, A – Carlo Goldoni – adaption by Lee Hall (M6 F3) 8 copies (Samuel French)

Shadowlands – William Nicholson (M8 F2) 5 copies (Samuel French)

Shut Your Eyes And Think Of England – Chapman & Marriott (M6 F3) 10 copies (Samuel French)

Simon And Laura – Alan Melville (M9 F5) 17 copies

Snake In The Grass – Alan Ayckbourn (F3) 2 copies (Samuel French)

Snap – Charles Laurence (M5 F5) 6 copies

Sneeze, The – Anton Chekhov – adaptation by Michael Frayn (M4 F3 – minimum cast) n8 copies  (Samuel French)

Someone Waiting – Emlyn Williams (M4 F5) 12 copies (Samuel French)

Something To Hide – Leslie Sands (M3 F4) 2 copies

Steel Magnolias – Robert Harling (F6) 8 copies (Samuel French)

Stepping Out – Richard Harris (M1 F9) 9 copies (Samuel French)

Straight And Narrow – Jimmie Chinn (M4 F3) 8 copies (Samuel French)

Strangers On a Train – Craig Warner (M5 F2) 8 copies (Samuel French)

Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll – Ray Lawler (M3 F4) 9 copies

Sunshine Boys, The – Neil Simon (M5 F2) 5 copies (Samuel French)