Partington Players One Act Play Festival Rules

Details and Rules


To  stimulate interest in and encourage the growth of amateur theatre.
To give amateur societies the opportunity of a qualified adjudication of their productions and also a chance to compare standards.


Entry is competitive and open to any amateur society / group.
To qualify for the Youth section, no cast member must be over 18 years of age.
Youth entries must nominate an adult to be present on the night of the performance.
Societies / groups must not engage the services of a professional actor.
A programme will be drawn up, printed and distributed to competing societies before the commencement of the Festival.
Societies should inform us on entry submission if there are any evenings during the week when they would not be able to participate.

Please send your entry form (which can be copied from here) to the Festival Organiser, Partington Theatre, 2 Henry St. Glossop, Derbyshire SK13 8BW

The closing date for entries is 17th June 2019.

Please send a copy of your script to the adjudicator to be received by 17th June 2019.

The Play

The play may be complete or an excerpt.
It must be at least 25 minutes in duration but no longer than 50 minutes (including scene changes).
It is the responsibility of participating societies to (if appropriate) obtain in writing a licence to perform the play and pay any royalties.
Each society will be allowed up to 15 minutes to set and 5 minutes to strike, these times being additional to the playing time.


Partington Theatre will provide basic lighting and audio equipment.
The proscenium stage provides an acting area 17ft wide by 12ft deep plus a 5ft deep apron stage in front of main tabs.
A curtain set will be provided and all societies must use this for their productions but may be allowed small additional items of scenery if these are considered essential to the play.
Societies must give at least 4 weeks notice of any specific / unusual lighting effects.
The Theatre will be open for inspection of the stage, lighting and backstage facilities on a date to be announced. All entrants will be informed of this by email immediately after the closing date for entries.
Any special requirements for a production must be discussed and agreed with the Festival Stage Manager at the above meeting.
Entrants’ stage plans, scripts and lighting plots must be available at this meeting.
Partington Theatre’s decision on all backstage matters will be final.


The entry fee is £20.00 per adult society and £15.00 per youth society. This fee must be paid on application and is forfeited if any society withdraws from the Festival.


The Adjudicator will give a verbal review of the productions at the end of each evening’s performances and an overall critique on the last night of the Festival; in addition, the Adjudicator will issue for each play a ‘tick-sheet’, grading aspects of each production and performance.
Competing societies must be represented at the adjudication on the final night.
A written adjudication, for which an additional fee will be charged, will be available at a later date if requested and at the discretion of the Adjudicator.
Each society is required to submit, at least 4 weeks before the start of the Festival, a copy of the play for the use of the Adjudicator.
The Adjudicator’s decision is final.


Trophies and Certificates will be awarded as follows:-
(All trophies will be retained for one year.)

The Bob Brown Memorial Trophy.                        For the Best Adult Play.
The Pauline Gartside Memorial Trophy.             For the Best Adult Actor.
The President’s Trophy.                                              For the Best Adult Actress.
The Melvin Warhurst Trophy.                                 For the Best Youth Play.
The Jack Hetherington Memorial Trophy.         For the Best Youth Actor.
The Partington Theatre Trophy.                             For the Best Youth Actress.

Certificates will be awarded to the:-
Best Supporting Adult actor and actress.
Best Supporting Youth actor and actress.
Certificates of Merit may be awarded at the Adjudicator’s discretion.


For each play, six complimentary tickets will be issued.
Partington Theatre will not be responsible for loss or damage to scenery, costumes, properties, furniture or other theatrical equipment.
Partington Theatre reserves the right, in the event of there being too many applications to enter, to choose which shall be entered and which excluded on the basis both of date of entry and suitability for ensuring a balanced programme.
Partington Theatre also reserves the right to decide the running order of the plays on each evening.
Each entering society will provide their own furniture, props & scenery; if appropriate, Partington Theatre’s own furniture, props etc. can be called upon.
Each competing society must nominate a person to act as Stage Manager who will liaise with the Festival Stage Manager.
All competing societies must transport, set and strike their furniture, props, scenery etc. on the night of their performance.

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