Visiting Productions

Blitz Bride – The Musical

Sunday 3rd August, 2014
7:30 pm

blitz-brideBy Claire Spratt
A Planet Rabbit Production

A 1940’s comedy based on true anecdotes and full of
nostalgia, laughs and wartime songs new and old.
This follows on from the very successful “Blitz Bride”, performed by Planet Rabbit
Productions at Partington Theatre in 2012.
Ticket prices for “Blitz Bride The Musical” are: £10.00 full price/£8.50 concession.
Tickets will be available from Les Hewitt (Tel 07736 152 348) and also at the
Theatre Bar.

Bantams (presented by Hyde Festival Theatre)

Sunday 12th October, 2014
7:30 pm

For one night only!

bantamsHyde Festival Theatre’s professional company brings to Partington Theatre,
“Bantams”, a story inspired by local Tameside soldiers who fought on the Western Front and their families back home.

Hundreds of thousands have already enlisted. Hundreds of thousands more want to and will. But not every man who wants to enlist can. Some are too old. Or too thin. Or have poor eyes. Or poor hearing. Or a bad leg. Or …Unable to enlist, they must remain at home to endure accusations of cowardice, humiliation on every street, white-feathers in the morning-post Until finally, these men are given their chance. Bantams tells the story of men who could have stayed out of The Great War. Could have stayed safe. But chose not to. Chose instead to take part in the most appalling, most destructive, most deadly conflict the world had ever seen.

Tickets for “Bantams” are: £9.00 full price/£7.00 concessions. Tickets will be
available from Les Hewitt (Tel 0776 152 348) and also at the theatre bar.


The Night Before Christmas (Planet Rabbit)

Sunday 14th December, 2014
7:30 pm

For One Night Only!

Christmas-card-peacefulPlanet Rabbit Productions return to Partington Theatre with a new comedy “The Night Before Christmas”. Ken and Jean’s longed-for Christmas alone – the first in twenty-five years – doesn’t go as planned, resulting in a house full of unwelcome guests. Seasonal bliss becomes Christmas chaos….and a lot more besides!

Booking details later.