Visiting Productions

Professor Harry Stottle’s Music Hall Extravaganza

Saturday 6th September, 2014
7:30 pm to 8:45 pm










From the infamous Cyder Cellars in Maiden Lane to the splendiferous Alhambra Music Hall
in Leicester Square ……

Sam Hall
The Photo Of The Girl I Left Behind
The Green Eye Of The Little Yellow God
After The Ball
Timmy’s Sacrifice
I’m Shy, Mary Ellen
Albert And The Lion

And many more ….. the famous and the forgotten…..
So saunter down Yesterday Street in the
erudite company of the eponymous
Prof. Stottle (Mike Brown)
and the irrepressible
Miss Katarina Immensikov (Catherine Pugh).

Tickets Price £7 (£6 concessions) To book in advance ring 01457 865278 or email

Tickets also available from the theatre bar.

Bantams (presented by Hyde Festival Theatre)

Sunday 12th October, 2014
7:30 pm

For one night only!

bantamsHyde Festival Theatre’s professional company brings to Partington Theatre,
“Bantams”, a story inspired by local Tameside soldiers who fought on the Western Front and their families back home.

Hundreds of thousands have already enlisted. Hundreds of thousands more want to and will. But not every man who wants to enlist can. Some are too old. Or too thin. Or have poor eyes. Or poor hearing. Or a bad leg. Or …Unable to enlist, they must remain at home to endure accusations of cowardice, humiliation on every street, white-feathers in the morning-post Until finally, these men are given their chance. Bantams tells the story of men who could have stayed out of The Great War. Could have stayed safe. But chose not to. Chose instead to take part in the most appalling, most destructive, most deadly conflict the world had ever seen.

Tickets for “Bantams” are: £9.00 full price/£7.00 concessions. Tickets will be
available from Les Hewitt (Tel 0776 152 348) and also at the theatre bar.


Bunting & Frolics

Saturday 15th November, 2014
8:00 pm

cavern(2)Local folk duo Bunting and Frolics will be attempting to entertain us in the clubroom with their own brand of songs and stories.

Tickets price £5 – on sale at the theatre bar or ring 077 361 52348

For those of you who are blissfully unaware of who Bunting and Frolics are, let them introduce themselves in their own words.


Having both previously enjoyed* solo careers, Bob Ashworth and Martin Gittins – ‘Bunting and Frolics’ – have been inflicting themselves on an unsuspecting public for more than two decades.
Despite repeated demands they continue to make sporadic sorties into the world of entertainment on the pretext of supplying value for money and at the same time stretching their niggardly repertoire to its creaking limits.
During their meteoric rise to oblivion they have harboured delusions of adequacy far beyond their abilities, to the bemusement of all who witness their stumbling progress through a performance.

Police Gazette – ‘If you encounter these two so-called entertainers DO NOT APPROACH THEM. Run Away Very Fast.’
Allotment owners’ weekly – ‘I played their music to my marrows and produced a spectacular crop of courgettes.’
NME (North Manchester Echo) – ‘In musical terms Bunting and Frolics can best be described as Dung Beetles – they are both very good at going through the motions.’
Atheist’s Digest – ‘Unbelievable!’

*Bob and Martin enjoyed them – audience reactions are not recorded.