Epitaph For George Dillon – John Osborne (M5 F4) 11 copies

Exorcism, The – Don Taylor (M2 F2) 4 copies (Samuel French)

Feed – Tom Elliott (M1 F2) 6 copies (Samuel French)

Flying Feathers – Derek Benfield (M4 F6) (Samuel French)

Fools Rush In Kenneth Horne (M3 F5) 5 copies (Samuel French)

Frankenstein – Mary Shelley (M4 F4) 6 copies (Samuel French)

Funny Money – Ray Cooney (M6 F2) 10 copies (Samuel French)

Gameplan – Alan Ayckbourn (M3 F4) 5 copies (Samuel French)

Gaslight – Patrick Hamilton (M2 F3) 5 copies (Samuel French)

Ghost Train, The – Arnold Ridley (M8 F4) 13 copies (Samuel French)

Ghosts – Henrik Ibsen. A new adaptation by M. Brown. M3 F2  7 copies   (© D M & P Brown). Performing rights £40 per performance. Full script available to download for £5. Sample pages available to download free.  email brownmikeandpolly@btinternet.com  

Gingerbread Lady – Neil Simon (M3 F3) 2 copies (Samuel French)

Habeas Corpus – Alan Bennett (M6 F5) 10 copies (Samuel French)

Handyman, The – Ronald Harwood (M5 F3) 7 copies (Samuel French)

Hans, The Witch And The Gobbin – Alan Culen (M7 F6) 13 copies (Samuel French)

Heartless Princess, TheFranklyn Black (M5 F8) 10 copies

Hobson’s Choice – Harold Brighouse (M7 F5) 5 copies (Samuel French)

Home At Seven – R C Sherriff  (M5 F2) 9 copies

House Guest – Francis Durbridge (M5 F4) 9 copies (Samuel French)

How The Other Half LovesAlan Ayckbourn (M3 F3) 2 copies (Samuel French)

How’s The World Treating You – Roger Milner (M3 F3) 6 copies

Humble Boy – Charlotte Jones (M3 F3) 2 copies (Samuel French)

I Have Been Here Before – J B Priestley (M4 F2) 6 copies (Samuel French)

I’ll Be Back Before Midnight – Peter Colley (M2 F2) 8 copies (Samuel French)

I’ll Get My Man – Philip King (M4 F5) 8 copies (Samuel French)

In For The Kill – Derek Benfield (M3 F2) 4 copies (Samuel French)

Innocents – William Archibald (M1 F3) 2 copies

It Runs In The Family – Ray Cooney (M7 F4) 11 copies (Samuel French)

Juno And The Paycock – Sean O’Casey (M11 F6) 10 copies (Samuel French)

Just Between Ourselves – Alan Ayckbourn (M2 F3) 5 copies (Samuel French)

Just Desserts – Marc Camoletti (M3 F4) 5 copies

Kidnapped At Christmas – Willis Hall (M7 F 2) 7 copies (Samuel French)

Kindly Leave The Stage – John Chapman (M3 F5) 2 copies (Samuel French)

Last Of The Red Hot Lovers, The – Neil Simon (M1 F3) 6 copies (Samuel French)

Late Christopher Bean, The – Emlyn Williams (M5 F4) 9 copies (Samuel French)

Letter From The General, A – Maurice McLoughlin (M3 F6) 2 copies

Lion In Winter, The – James Goldman (M5 F2) 2 copies (Samuel French)

Lloyd George Knew My Father – William D Home (M5 F3) 8 copies

Local Murder Peter Whalley (M4 F2) 7 copies (Samuel French)

Look No Hans – Chapman & Pertwee (M4 F4) 8 copies (Samuel French)

Loot – Joe Orton (M5 F1) 9 copies (Samuel French)

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime – Wilde & Cox (M5 F5) 6 copies (Samuel French)

Love In A Mist – Kenneth Horne (M3 F3) 7 copies

Love On The Dole – Greenwood & Gow (M7 F7) 12 copies

Man For All Seasons, A – Robert Bolt (M11 F3) 7 copies (Samuel French)

Man With A Load Of Mischief – Ashley Dukes (M3 F3) 9 copies

Memory Of Water, The – Shelagh Stephenson (M2 F4) 6 copies

Mocking Bird – Lionel Hale (M6 F4) 7 copies

Month Of Sundays, A – Bob Larby (M3 F3) 7 copies (Samuel French)

Move Over Mrs Markham – Chapman & Cooney  (M4 F5) 10 copies

Mr Wonderful – James Robson (M3 F2) 4 copies (Samuel French)

Mrs Warren’s Profession – G B Shaw (M4 F2) 8 copies

Murder Has Been arranged, A – Emlyn Williams (M4 F5) 6 copies (Samuel French)

My Mother Said I Never Should – Charlotte Keatley (F4) 4 copies (Samuel French)

My Three Angels – S & B Spewack (M7 F3) 9 copies (Samuel French)

Mysterious Mr Love, The – Karoline Leach (M1 F1) 3 copies (Samuel French)