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By Le Navet Bête and John Nicholson

Playing dates: 18 – 23 March 2019


7.30 pm, THURSDAY, 13 DECEMBER 2018

If you remember The Hound of the Baskervilles in 2015, this comedy is in a similar vein – but more manic!  Apart from the five actors (4m, 1f) who play the 27 characters, there are 29 scene changes, 63 costume changes, a minimum of 84 sound and 35 lighting cues.  Add to that the need to construct 11 specialist pieces of scenery and provide 61 props, you can see it is going to be a TEAM EFFORT.   Consequently, in place of a normal audition/reading, I would like anyone interested in either performing or helping in the box or backstage to meet together on 13th December at 7.30pm.  You’ll be able then to see the tremendous fun we’ll all have!

Because of the complexity of this production, there will be multiple dress rehearsals in the last week or so.  Consequently, I am looking for back stage and technical crew who are willing to fully commit, not just for the week of the run, but also the week prior.

The get-together will include a short reading for the actors.  Because of the multiple characters, age is not critical although I anticipate the need for one male 50s/60s and the remainder between about 25 and 45.  Above all, the cast (and backstage crew!) need to be fit as there is a great deal of running around!

For further information, or for a perusal of the script, please contact me on 01457 868849.

Andrew Wilson, Director


Audition Notice


By Willy Russell

Playing Dates:             6th – 11th May 2019

Reading Date:          Thursday, 7th February 2019 at 7.30pm in the theatre



Eddie’s Twin Brother – an adult playing him from the age of 7yrs to late-20s. Mickey is one of a big family where clothes and toys are all hand-me-downs.  Scouse accent, happy-go-lucky nature as a child.


The twin that is adopted into a well-to-do family.  Well spoken, good education, has all the advantages Mickey doesn’t  have. Played by an adult – from the age of 7yrs to late-20s.

Mrs Johnson

Mother to both twins.  Cheerful character despite the hardships of a big family and no money.  Scouse accent.

Mrs Lyons

Desperate for a child she adopts Eddie (unofficially).  Well-spoken, complete opposite to Mrs Johnson in character. Becomes paranoid towards the end.


Childhood friend of both boys.   Marries Mickey in her teens.

Narrator                      Male

Milkman                    (Could be played by a.n.o. male)

Doctor                         (Could be played by a.n.o. male)


Policewoman/man (Could be played by a.n.o. male/female)


Chorus                        Boys and Girls play children and teenagers.  Some scripted lines

Additionally, singing and dancing in the first (and only) musical number allowed

If anyone has any questions on the above please contact Carole Wilson (Director) on  01457 868849 or 07572 544246.