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‘Bothered and Bewildered’

By Gail Young

Directed by Jose Warhurst

Playing Dates:  29th January – 3rd February 2018

Audition date Monday 16th October at 7pm.


IRENE – Elderly widow and mother of Beth and Louise.  Central character – Irene has Alzheimer’s and lives between reality and fantasy (in the form of her favourite author – Barbara Cartland).

BETH – Eldest daughter of Irene. Married with a daughter.  Assertive and forthright.

LOUISE – Youngest daughter of Irene. Single, compassionate and more emotional.

BARBARA CARTLAND – (as herself) a figment of Irene’s imagination

NHS CONSULTANT/COMMUNITY POLICEMAN – minor roles can be played by one actor

JIM/JAMES – Young and older – played by the same actor

YOUNG IRENE/SHELLEY – (Beth’s daughter and Irene’s grandaughter)- Played by the same actor


‘Bothered and Bewildered’ is a comic drama that follows Irene and her two daughters Louise and Beth as they begin a long journey in which the girls lose their mum in spirit but not in body.

As her family struggle to come to terms with her Alzheimer’s Irene’s past passion for romantic fiction blurs with reality.

Through conversations  with the imaginary Barbara Cartland we learn about Irene’s past; things which she would never have revealed to her family..

Whilst the play is light-hearted in its approach, it in no way diminishes the harsh reality of Alzheimer’s and the effect it has on family members trying to cope with this illness.

Please contact Jose Warhurst 01457 863446 or 07854526226 if you are interested in auditioning or for further information.